Shopping Small on a Budget

I love to shop small, it’s a great feeling every time I can support someone’s business, and dream. But being honest, it is expensive to shop small as a one income family, especially when we do our best to budget, and save.

When it comes to things for my kids I’m a huuuge sucker a shop I find on Instagram through a giveaway, friend, or from scrolling through at 3am when I’m up with Stella.

My friend Rebecca and I have been talking for a while about the things we love, wishing we could buy all the stuff we want. We’ve put our heads together, and after months of trying to figure out what we could make that is not only something that we are passionate about, and use in our daily lives, but something other moms use too. We just want to make it more affordable for those who might like to save – like ourselves!

We decided on Pacifier Clips! Still small shop cute, but without the big price tag. What’s great about paci clips? You can use them for more than just your baby’s pacifier! Done with the binki? Put it on a favorite toy, sippy cup, or make it a keychain! That’s probably my favorite part, you get more than just a one time use out of it!

So be sure to follow Rebecca

And myself on insta if you aren’t already to keep updated on this journey, and for more info on our paci clips!

We hope y’all love this as much as we do!

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