Making the backseat cool again.

Most cars don’t have air vents in the back, add a rear facing baby (especially during the summer months) and it makes for a pretty miserable baby. I’m not a van mom – so I don’t get the awesome backseat air vents, and since I can’t see myself getting rid of my truck anytime soon, I needed to figure out a way to make Stella more comfortable while in the car.

My big kids were amazing like always on our trip from North Carolina to New York, but poor Stella cried for me pretty much the whole 15 hours, was hot, and so fussy. A few days after we got here I remebered my friend talking about a Noggle a few months ago at our yard sale. Have you heard of The Noggle? If not – you have a rear-facing baby, and no back seat air vents that reach your baby, keep reading, cause I’m about to rock your world.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.08.02 AM.png

The Noggle delivers air via flexible PVC pipe from your front to back seat. At first I thought I would try to make my own, but decided to enjoy my vacation instead, haha. So amazon to the rescue like always!

You can choose beween 6, 8, or 10 feet depending on the size of your vehicle. In the info it says for rear facing babies you need the 8ft one, I easily could have done the 6ft one in my truck, but glad I got the bigger one for if I ever get my 3rd row SUV it would still reach to the back, (measure before buying though). They have a ton of different patterns, two different air vent attachments so you can find one to fit your cars vents, AND it installs in less than a minute. It has loops to hang on the little hanger hooks every car has, or a velcro loop to attach to the metal rails of a head rest if needed! There are so many ways to use!

Stella has been SO happy, quiet, and calm in the car since we installed ours, she’s never hot when we get her out anymore, and it provides extra air to the back for my big kids. I’m so glad I found this product, even my husband thinks its amazing, if you don’t have one yet, get on amazon and get you one!

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