Mommy On The Go

Traveling anywhere can be overwhelming, add kids to the mix and it can be downright exhausting, and stressful. I also hate lugging around a ton of crap in my diaper bag and truck. So for me, the more prepared and organized, the smoother the trip.

I want to share a few of my favorite travel hacks with y’all!

First up, I like to keep my diaper bag as light, and minimally packed as possible, so one of my favorite on-the-go hacks is, the extra clothes roll up! I keep an extra outfit in my truck at all time for each kid, all rolled up into a little ball and secured with rubber hair tie bands (an added bonus when I need an hair tie for one of my girls).

Fold the outfit in half, include everything for the full outfit, so when it’s rolled up, it’s all together in one place and ready to go – incase of wardrobe emergency.

When it’s done I store it in my car door, with extra wipes! Saves a ton of space in my diaper bag, and isn’t an eye sore.

I also like to keep my kids in matching or alike outfits when we travel because I am terrified of rest stops, for some reason they have always creeped me out. I always like to make sure I know what my kids are wearing, and when they’re matching it makes it easier when you have multiple kids. I also take pictures of them before we leave the house because, (anxiety) and how many times have you seen a child go missing and there are no updated pictures, especially in what they were wearing that day? This is just my overactive worrying mom brain, but it gives me peace of mind.

Next up, in case of emergency, I have these awesome info cards for my kids on their car seats. I also keep my emergency ID on my phone updated with info about my kids in case I am unresponsive. (I always try to be prepared for the worst mainly because my dad was a firefighter for 20 years, and I’ve heard so many stories), and if it could help my kids or first responders identify them in an emergency, I’ll be glad I had it done.

My last travel tip for today is entertainment! This one is more for your kids, but also… treat yo self when they’re quiet and not fighting or crying in the back seat (HA). Besides toys, books and their leapfrog tablets we use my old iPad for movies. Did you know Netflix now let’s you download a whole wide range of movies and shows to watch on the go if you don’t have WiFi. It’s a great selection too!

I load up the iPad with lots of movies and shows, that definitely makes 14 hours in the car with kids a bit easier, and off we go!

If you want to follow along with our vacation, make sure you’re following me on Instagram!

If you liked these, do any of them, or have your own travel hack you do that makes your life easier or less stressful, comment below and let me know!

3 thoughts on “Mommy On The Go

  1. Nate did great on his first road trip of 7+ hrs. We did the iPad thing and it was amazing!!!!! Also, he went to bed late the day before and i woke him early the day of so he slept most of the time 🙂 have safe travels guys! ❤️


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