Baby Pool Hack

My family and I love to be outside, that’s pretty much where we spend most of our time, especially during the summer. As a mom of 3, I’m always running in 76 different directions, so when we are outside (or really anywhere) I try to make it as easy on myself as possible.

While my big kids play in the yard and pool, I use that time to workout. But with a baby that’s mobile, there’s a bunch of new worries I have to think about. Crawling towards the street, getting bit by a bug, getting too close to me during a workout and getting hurt, etc.

So one day after the hundredth time of Stella crawling/rolling off the blanket I had her on, I grabbed one of our extra plastic kid pools, threw her blanket and some toys in there, set her in there for her own little “play area” and she loves it! This way she isn’t getting dirty or eating grass🤦🏼‍♀️, she’s contained, but can still move around and play, and I don’t have to worry about her safety!

Even Shade and Ruby love to take a break, relax, and play with Stella in there! People probably think it looks silly with 3 pools in our yard, (yep, our dog has her own too hah!), but I’ve had so many people tell me how genius it is!

If you have an extra baby pool give it a try!

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