Hey y’all!

If you’re here, you’ve made it to my first blog post, so hey! And thanks for following along.

For my first post, I think it’s only fitting to start with an introduction for those that are new here too.

I’m Samantha Wojo, super sarcastic military wife, and artsy fartsy/crossfit(ish) mama to 3. I enjoy a good fireball Friday, and my policy for life is treat YO self, if you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while you know all about #treatyoselffridays.

I went to college in Buffalo New York, and double majored in fine arts and photography. I love all things crafty, clean, and organized.

My husband, Russell and I have been together almost 7 years. We met through Facebook, from a mutual friend, (before cat-fishing was a thing) talked EVERY day for almost a year, became best friends, and the rest is history. We only dated for two weeks before he proposed, and got married 84 days later. This past year we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, and boy are we still as in love as when we first met.

Life with him is so much fun, (minus the dad jokes, kidding) we’ve shared love, and loss, been through highs, and lows and always come out on top.

Together we have 3 littles, 4 and under. Shade, Ruby, Stellalva. A dog and 3 cats, (Russell actually hated that I was a cat person when we met, but proposed to me with my Siamese cat, my ring was on her collar). We sure have a busy house, and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Russell’s in the military and that means we live wherever the Marine Corps tells us, although originally from Western New York, we have lived in South Carolina, Florida, and are currently in North Carolina, in our 6th house since 2013. 🤪 Yeah, life’s crazy.

My goal for this blog is to share my favorite mom-hacks, products, opinions, and everyday life as a mom of 3.

Thanks for joining!

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